SuperATV Can-Am Commander Heavy Duty Drive Belts

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The SuperATV Can-Am Commander G Boost Heavy Duty Drive Belts come in the World’s Best, Extreme Badass, Badass XC, Rock and Trail, Mud Monster and Sand Storm versions. SuperATV G Boost Heavy Duty CVT Drive belts pack in strength, longevity, and performance to get you a belt that can handle more abuse, higher heat, and longer rides than stock. They’re better than replacement OEM belts, they’ll let you push your machine harder.

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OEM Part #: 715900212 / 715000302 / 422280364 / 422280360 / 715900030 
Commander 800 : 2011-2020 
Commander 1000 : 2011-2020 

OEM Part #: 417300551 
Commander 1000R DPS : 2021+ 
Commander 1000R XT : 2021+ 
Commander 1000R XTP : 2021+ 
Commander Max 1000R DPS : 2021+ 
Commander Max 1000R XT : 2021+ 

Made with ultra-strong aramid fiber cord to prevent cord separation 
Built for high strength, flexibility, and heat resistance 
Higher power transfer through your clutch 
Smooth engagement 
Built for thousands of miles of abuse 

World’s Best 
The World’s Best Belt is the ultimate all-around performer. is the ultimate all-around performer. No matter what you’re doing, this belt will pull you through with smooth engagement and excellent heat dissipation. The superior compound is designed to retain cord rigidity for better grip and less slippage, which leads to a longer life, even when you’re pushing hard. The aramid fiber cord gives it an ultra-high shock load rating. 

World’s Best Belt Racing Series 
For you, winning is all that matters. And if you want to take the top spot, you need the World’s Best Belt Racing Series. It’s built to decrease the chance of delamination and extreme, heavy-throttle race applications. The custom Kevlar braid design absorbs shocks, the custom high modulus compound blend holds every layer together, and the precision-ground sidewalls provide smooth engagement. 

With the highest shock rating of any of our belts, it can handle 600 HP machines and send you to the top of the podium. 

Extreme Badass 
Extreme Badass belts are for those that like to gear down and go big. If you go low and slow through deep mud and rocks, and you roll on big tires, this is the belt you need. It uses an aramid cord and high-strength rubber compound that are designed to get squeezed harder by your clutch and handle high torque pulls without breaking. 

Badass XC X-Country 
If you’re looking for an OEM replacement that won’t break the bank, look no further. The Badass XC X-Country disperses heat faster than an OEM belt and engages smoothly for better performance. 

Rock and Trail Drive Belt 
Rocks and trails are all about blasting through varied terrain with as much torque as possible. You need a Rock and Trail Drive Belt if you want to ride hard without slipping or blowing belts. That’s because these belts are made with an aramid fiber cord and a high-modulus rubber compound designed for the quick, hard pulls you get in rocks and trails. For ultimate protection against slippage from bursts of acceleration, the Rock and Trail drive belt is what you need. 

Mud Monster 
Mud-specific machines call for a mud-specific belt. That’s why the Mud Monster Belt exists. It’s designed to get you through the thickest bogs and drags with ease. This belt offers more tuning possibilities and less slippage because we know mudding is all about the grip. It also utilizes an aramid fiber cord to eliminate stretching. 
With Mud Monster, you can go full send in the deepest mud hole, no-holds-barred. 
NOTE: Mud Monster belts are designed for extreme grip and build heat quickly over 35 MPH. 

Sand Storm 
Cruising the dunes and desert with the pedal down has always been hard on stock belts, and that’s what Sand Storm Belts are built for. They love high speed, high RPM, and high heat. Why? Because they have amazing heat dissipation—they run cool no matter what. So ride hard, Sand Storm will keep you running smooth and the aramid cord construction will keep it in one piece. 

California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.