Interco Interforce II AG ATV UTV Tires - 27 30 32 35 Inch Sizes

The Interco InterForce II AG ATV UTV Tire is designed for AG Use and work well in Mud and Swamps. Tires come in 27, 30, 32 and 35 inch sizes for 12, 14 and 16 Inch Rims. Available in Single Tires or Discounted Sets of 4 Tire Specials!

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Inter Force 2 AG tires are popular among agricultural and avid mud trail riding ATV/UTV owners. The AG tires are bias ply with a 6 ply rating and a deep 2.5” paddle type lug that will take you through the deepest mud holes. If you’re looking for a straight forward mud munching monster, the Interco InterForce II ATV tire will make you smile. 27" is 43 lbs, 30" is 53.5 lbs, 32" is 56 lbs and 35" is 74 lbs.