High Lifter Honda Pioneer 1000 Riser Snorkel Kit (2016-21)

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This High Lifter Riser Snorkel Kit for 2016-21 Honda Pioneer 1000 Models is a ground-breaking snorkel, the first in the industry to utilize new high temperature silicon hoses molded for specific applications. This High Lifter Pioneer 1000 Snorkel kit contains everything you need to properly snorkel your ride. 

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Note: You have to cut/trim some plastic to install this kit.

2016-21 Pioneer 1000
2017-19 Pioneer 1000 EPS
2017-19/21 Pioneer 1000 LE
2020-22 Pioneer 1000 Deluxe
2016-20 Pioneer 1000-5
2017-22  Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe
2017-21 Pioneer 1000-5 LE

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NOTE: For the Honda Pioneer 1000 Special or 1000 Limited Edition the compartment in the dash that the cup holder relocation bracket attaches to is not on these models. You will lose the use of this bracket and the factory cup holder.

Key Features and Benefits:
First in the industry to utilize custom molded high temperature silicon hoses in routing areas
Custom molded silicone hoses allow for easier installation, shorter install times with more reliable connections
Works with factory cab enclosure and back glass application
Utilizes the belt exhaust for heat dissipation by blowing belt exhaust across the manifold, same as factory
Superior rear view as compared to other snorkels due to careful snorkel riser placement. It does not block the rear view when looking into the bed or behind the Ranger.
Powder Coated Riser Bracket to keep risers straight, evenly spaced and looking good
Rubber Grommets hold riser tubes in place and prevent rattles while riding
2” High Lifter riser caps
Bellows allow the differential and transmission air to expand and contract without the need for long vent lines that can easily get plugged with mud or be pulled off
All mounting hardware for complete installation
Step-by-step instructions complete with detailed photos
*All kits vary and some items may not be included.

A snorkel kit is intended to provide clean, dry air to the engine and other parts needing venting on ATVs/UTVs such as clutches, differentials, transmission, carburetors and fuel tanks. This doesn’t necessarily mean the ATV/UTV should exceed the OE manufacturer’s stated maximum rated water line depth. The snorkel kit is intended as additional margin of protection in the event that the ATV/UTV is inadvertently driven into water deeper than the OE manufacturer’s air intakes will tolerate. There are many considerations to consider when increasing water depth and a snorkel is just one component.

NEW INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Precision molded silicon hoses. High Lifter makes the highest quality and most comprehensive snorkels. The new Honda Pioneer 1000 snorkel is engineered as the first molded design in the industry. High Lifter Snorkels are the best looking and most professional appearing kits on the market. From fit to finish, to the level of detail, our kits are not only built to work, but they are also built to look good while doing it. There are no returns or refunds on any brand of snorkel.

High Lifter engineers addressed heat issues by using the belt exhaust for heat dissipation by blowing belt exhaust across the manifold. Additional features include positioning the risers to be less obstructive and offer optimal rear visibility unlike other competitors on the market that obstruct a rider’s view. This kit offers advanced design plus a sleek branded riser bracket and 2” custom snorkel caps.

California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.