EPI Clutch Kits for Polaris General 1000 Models

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Select Models Type and Year: 1000 General (EBS)** 2016-23
Clutch Type: Sport Utility 0-3000'
Tire Size: Stock
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EPI Performance Polaris General 1000 for 2 and 4 seat models. Variables such as weight, tire size, increased horsepower, elevation, etc. can throw off factory clutch settings leading to under-performance of your UTV.

Features include improved low to mid-range acceleration, Enhanced throttle response and back shifting, Efficient transferring of power from your UTV down to the ground, Decreased drive belt slippage.

** EBS Note This kit will eliminate the EBS function. Removing EBS results in a more performance-oriented driving experience. If you wish to keep the EBS function please contact us directly, as a different helix is needed.

Which EPI Performance Clutch Kit do I need? We design our clutch kits to match your style of riding!

EPI Performance Sport Utility Kit
EPI's most popular, best all-around use kit
Great for trail riding, occasional mud and sand riding, plowing and hauling
Makes up for the power loss and slow response of adding oversized tires
Better low end and midrange acceleration
Quicker backshift which results in crisp throttle response
Reduces belt slip and heat
Kits designed for stock or oversized tires

EPI Performance Mudder Kit
Designed for mud riding with aggressive lug tires
Helps restore power loss due to addition of mud tires
Better low-end power and torque to get tires turning in the mud
Quicker backshift which results in crisp throttle response
Reduced belt slip and clutch heat

EPI Performance Sand Dune Kit
Designed and tested specifically for sand dune applications
Different kits for stock and paddle tires
Helps hold peak power RPM when dune riding and climbing hills
Better low-end power and torque
Quicker backshift which results in crisp throttle response
Reduces belt slip and clutch heat

Rock Crawler Kit
Designed and tested specifically for rock crawling applications
Calibrated to provide a low engagement rpm to support technical maneuvers
Added belt squeeze to eliminate belt slip
Slow shifting phase that provides a smooth rock crawling/technical driving experience
For low-mid range speeds only, not for high-speed riding

Pro Series
The ULTIMATE Clutch Kit for your riding! Each kit includes adjustable weights and multiple springs to allow you to fine tune your machine for how you ride. This kit is a combination of our Sport Utility, Mudder, Sand Dune and Rock Crawler kits.
Allows you to fine tune your CVT to match your particular machine modifications and riding style
Tune for different tire sizes and styles
Each kit is custom designed and comes with a set of EPI adjustable weights, a variety of clutch springs, a custom cut helix (some models)
Complete tuning instructions included

California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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