EPI Performance Can Am Maverick Clutch Kits

EPI Performance Can Am Maverick 1000 Clutch Kits, (NOT XMR OR XDS Turbo), EPI has been at this for years testing, tuning, and developing the best set-up for your riding needs. Variables such as additional weight, tire size, increased horse power, elevation, etc. can throw off factory clutch settings leading to under-performance of your UTV. Due to all of these variables we have worked hard through the years to develop specialized clutch kits for each and every set-up. These specifically designed kits optimize the clutching on your UTV and put the power to the ground effectively!

**Does Not Fit XMR XDS Turbo Models**

Features include: Improved low to mid-range acceleration, Enhanced throttle response and back shifting, Efficient transferring of power from your UTV down to the ground, Decreased drive belt slippage, **Picture for Reference Only Components vary by style of kit.**