Tractor Tunes Camo Roof Mount Stereo Console - Pink, Bonz, Mossy Oak

Tractor Tunes Camo Roof Mount Stereo Console for UTV SxS's is a weather resistant. 4 channel x 50 watt head units and offers the option for powering 2 additional speakers. Comes in Pink, Bonz or Mossy Oak Camo Colors.

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Built tough using the latest injection molding technologies to provide a durable design.

Connect your phone or mp3 player thru the usb port OR aux input on standard models, Select the Bluetooth options for wireless connectivity.

Includes a high quality AM/FM antenna that can be mounted externally for optimum reception Built to OEM specifications for great reliability.

Marine waterproof retractable cover protects the radio within. The Aquavibe 100 watt 6.5 inch Coaxial Marine speakers are water, UV, and corrosion resistant and have a one piece molded grill for speaker protection and durability.

All wiring and connectors are supplied with the Stereo System as well as hardware for bolting to your existing roof.

Comes with a one year 100% manufacturers warranty. Optional bracket kits for almost every model UTV are available if you do not have an existing hard top to bolt to. Brackets Ship with Stereo when ordered together.

Overall dimensions: 18 in. L x 8.5 in. W x 5 in. H