Xtreme Lighting Products 6' Colored LED Whips

Xtreme Lighting Products 6' Colored LED Whip comes in Red, Amber, White, Pink, Blue, Green, purple and Red White Blue colors will fit most ATV or UTV SxS Models.

Specifications are as follows:
High Quality Transparent Polycarbonate tubes
High Brightness 5050 SMD LEDs
Expected lifespan of 50,000 hours
Power Supply DC12V
Aluminum or Chrome plated Steel base
Nickel plated RCA jack for easy Wiring installation
Excellent Waterproof performance,Resistant Shock

*Optional Quick Disconnect for LED Whips. Intended Use is for Quick removal of LED whips due to multivehicle usage and or storage. Fits: 2' LED Camp Locator 4' LED Whip 6' LED Whip