STI Sand Drifter Tire and Wheel Kits Mounted With Caps and Lug Nuts

STI Sand Drifter Paddle Tire gives UTV drivers control of their machines in the dunes, tires come in 28x10-14 rib front and 28x13-14 rear paddles to fit many ATV UTV Models.

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The 28-inch duo is made to help big machines float over the sand. The tri-rib front is light and precise, and the 14-paddle rear puts the power to the sand efficiently.

Please Specify Your Year, Make and Model ATV UTV at Checkout and we will send the correct bolt pattern and offset.

ITP Wheels are 14x6 Front and 14x8 Rear - STI Wheels are 14x7 Front and 14x9 Rear.

If you are looking for a custom kit please call our toll free number to speak to a Rep. about your custom set up needs.