STI Roctane XD-K ATV UTV Kevlar Belted Tires - 26 27 28 30 Inch Sizes

STI Roctane XD-K Kevlar Belted ATV UTV Tires come in 26, 27, 28, 30 inch sizes for 12 and 14 inch rims. Rocktane XD-K is even stronger and more durable thanks to the addition of dual Kevlar® belts. Available in Single Tires or Discounted Sets of 4 Tire Specials! 

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The STI Roctane XD gets a lightweight synthetic fiber with five times the tensile strength of steel, Kevlar® has a bulletproof reputation that matches its application. Tires fit most 4x4 Quads & Side by Sides.  With dual Kevlar® belts engineered in a cross-weave pattern running shoulder to shoulder on the new Roctane XD-K tires, triples the puncture resistance of this nearly impenetrable tire. The new Roctane XD-K also features a stiffened tread/sidewall compound that enhances the strength of the Kevlar®, making this tire’s 8-ply-rated radial carcass even better. This new Roctane keeps the family’s unique, non-directional tread design and wide profile footprint that delivers smooth, quiet operation and precise control. Like other Roctane XDs, the new XD-K uses a specially formulated tread compound that helps extend its life and lets it grip the slickest rocks like a dedicated wall-crawler.