STI HD Beadlock ATV UTV Wheels - 14x7 4/156 Rims For Polaris Models

STI HD Beadlock 14x7 4/156 ATV UTV one-piece alloy wheel brings numerous features and benefits. It starts with a distinctive “Baja”-inspired stepped mod style, a classic in the off-road world. Bright Machined with Gloss Black accents. 

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Low-profile center caps are included with every wheel. What makes the HD Beadlock unique is its creative integral-mount beadlock ring, which is quick to install and engineered to reduce debris buildup. A beadlock wheel configuration makes tire mounting simple and adds considerable strength to the outer lip. Most importantly, the ring helps ensure the tire bead stays on the wheel, even when using lower pressures and applying high side loading. The HD Beadlock also utilizes a thicker, stronger reinforced inner bead lip, a feature common to the entire HD Alloy line that helps make these the most rugged wheels available.