Slasher 2011-14 Polaris RZR 900XP Fold Down Windshield


The Slasher® Polaris RZR 900XP and 900XP-4 Fold Down Windshield is optically clear with no distortion made from 1/4” thick Lucrite™ Aircraft quality acrylic. At a 1/4 Inch thick, this windshield is almost double the thickness of other standard windshields. The folding point of the windshield is made from the same material as the windshield to prevent vision obstruction. If damaged by the elements, it can be fixed with commercial cleaners (such as Plexus®) and polishes or buffing compound. All parts are UV stabilized. Joint connection on the hinged is affixed with 3M™ VHB tape.

Never use abrasive cleaners, household cleaners, glass cleaners, gritty cloths, paper towels, or strong solvents including but not limited to alcohol, ammonia, acetone, tatrachloride, concentrated disinfectants, or methlated spirits. Also, products such as Rain-X®, Armorall®, Loctite®, or any Carnuba waxes should not be used as these products will break down the chemical bonds of the plastic causing cracks known as “crazing”. The shield would then have to be replaced. Rule of Thumb: If it is made for glass, DO NOT use on plastic.