RP Talon 12 Ply Run Flat ATV UTV Tires - 25 and 26 Inch Sizes

The RP Talon 12 ply Run Flat ATV UTV Tire comes in 25 and 26 inch sizes for 12 inch rims. The RP Talon tire was designed for those looking for a durable on/off road tire that would provide the best of all tires, a great ride, great wear life, durability and puncture resistant you just cannot get anywhere else.  The Talon tread pattern is not a real aggressive tread and is a radial constructed tire giving it a comfortable ride and with it’s 12 ply construction you get the most durable tire on the market making the Talon a perfect all around tire you cannot get anywhere else.

The Talon 12 ply has a 1250 lb load rating at 12 psi and if installed on today’s ATV or UTV is capable of getting you back to camp air less in the rare event you were to puncture one, due to it’s special constructed sidewall and load rating capability air less. The Talon has a 17mm Tread Depth and is available in four different sizes  25x8x12, 25x10x12, 26x9x12, 26x11x12.