Motosport Alloys R-Forged Wheels Colored Nameplates

Motosport Alloys MSA R-Forged Nameplate Series comes in Red, Blue Black and Aluminum Finishes with automotive grade paint and comes in small, medium and large sizes. Each of our R-Forged products is manufactured using state of the art techniques and processes to ensure to consistent, reliable fitment.

MATERIAL: All of our R-Forged series nameplate accessories are manufactured with virgin aluminum and automotive grade pain finishes.

FITMENT: Interchangeable with all R-Forged open hub wheel styles and available in a variety of other colors, the nameplate is easily removed using a standard hex key (allen). Please note that depending on your hub size, you will need a specific nameplate. 4x110=small, 4x137=medium, 4x156=large.