Motosport Alloys M30 Throttle ATV UTV Wheels - 16 Inch Rim

The Motosport Alloys MSA M30 Throttle ATV UTV Wheels come in 16x7 and sizes in 4/137 and 4/156 bolt patterns to fit Polaris, Can Am and More.

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Wheel Sets of 4 are On Sale enter code MSAM30 at Checkout for Discount.

All Sets of 4 Wheels will Come with a set of Lug Nuts.

Optional Colored Rings are available to customize your wheels.

The Motosport Alloys MSA M30 Throttle is the ultimate in styling, performance and customization. We engineered this behemoth to perform under any terrain conditions and look amazing while doing it. Split spokes means easy wash out in deep mud and a snap to clean after each ride. We took customization to the next level on the M30 Throttle, incorporating an interchangeable, fully painted ring that can be swapped out for literally any color plastic or machine theme. Our interchangeable rings are held in place with eight functional bolts and each ring is made of the same rugged material we use for our caps so you know they will hold up, no matter what mother nature has up her sleeve.