ITP Holeshot GNCC ATV Tires - 20 21 Inch Sizes

The ITP Holeshot GNCC ATV Tires come in 20 and 21 Inch sizes for 9 and 10 inch rims. Hole Shot GNCC tire is specifically designed for Cross Country Riding.


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The GNCC Quad Tire is for the type of riding environment found in the hugely popular Grand National Cross Country Championship Series Tracks. Lighter, easier steering is accomplished with the front ITP Holeshot GNCC's more rounded profile and angled knob pattern, while the ITP Holeshot GNCC rear tire has a more open tread and split-knob design provide exceptional straight-line grip, balanced cornering and unbeatable clean-out. Great handling and traction are complemented by a super-tough carcass that can easily deal with all the tight trees, rocks, roots and ruts found on a typical GNCC race course. Tires are 6 Ply Rated.