ITP BajaCross Sport Tire and Wheel Kits Mounted With Caps and Lug Nuts


The ITP BajaCross Sport ATV UTV Tire and Wheel kits come in 27 and 29 inch sizes for 14 inch rims. ITP Baja Cross Sport tires are a 6-ply radial with an extended-life rubber compound. Baja Cross Sport tire takes performance and durability to a whole new level.

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These tires are designed for those side-by-side racers and recreational users who want to shave a few pounds off their vehicles. The tire has a new exceptional wear resistance because of a specially formulated tread compound and a 6-ply radial construction. Additional protection is provided by a substantial rim guard, which is designed to protect the lip of the wheel against rocks and debris. ITP achieved the weight savings by reducing the tread depth of the tire and lowering the tread-to-void ratio, the result is a lightweight performance tire that also enhances ride comfort and handling.

Please Specify Your Year, Make and Model ATV UTV at Checkout and we will send the correct bolt pattern and offset.

If you are looking for a custom kit please call our toll free number to speak to a Rep. about your custom set up needs.