GPS High Roller ATV UTV Sand Paddle Tires - 27 Inch Sizes

The GPS High Roller Sand Paddle Tires comes in 27x10-12 and 27x13-12 sizes and is great for UTVs and 4x4 ATV's looking for 27 inch paddle tire for 12 inch rims. Available in Single Tires or Discounted Sets of 4 Tire Specials!

Designed to use a 12″ wheel for decreased wheel weight over the heavier 14″ designs, the added sidewall allows for more flotation, keeping the tire in constant contact with the sand at all times. Because we manufacture the tire ourselves we’re able to offer it at a fraction of the price of other competing brands. Front tire features dual rib for maximum steer-ability. Front is 27x10-12 Rear Paddle is 27x13-12 and is 4 ply. Lightweight and uses a 12″ wheel.