GMZ Venomous Machined ATV Wheels - 12 & 14 Inch Rims

The GMZ Venomous ATV wheels are a great option with a unique spoke design. Venomous wheels are available in 4/110 4/136.5 & 4/156 for 12 & 14 inch rims.

All Sets of 4 Wheels will come with a set of Valve Stems and Lug Nuts.

The 14” Venomous wheels are only available in centered offsets. This special offset in the 14” keeps the wheels aligned to create more speed and traction with floatation in the sand dunes. The special unique offset also makes the vehicle 4” wider than stock.  In most cases, this helps to prevent buying expensive suspension kits or wheel spacer to make the vehicle wider.  The 12” Venomous is available in the (4+3) offset making the vehicle about 2” wider than stock for better stability. Venomous Wheels are cast aluminum wheels that are heat treated for more strength. The 12” wheel is available in a machined & matte black finish, and the 14” is available in machined & black, or all black. The Venomous is load rated at 800lbs per wheel. The 12” weighs 11 lbs and the 14” wheel weighs 13 lbs. These very light weights are an industry first for a wheel as big as a 14x10. The Venomous wheel comes with a Lifetime manufactures defect warranty.