GMZ Casino Beadlock ATV Wheels - 15 Inch Rims

GMZ Casino UTV SxS Beadlock wheels are 15 Inch & were specifically designed to optimize the performance of the new Sand Stripper XL tires, 4/156 15x8 15x10 Rims

All Sets of 4 Wheels will Come with a set of Valve Stems and Lug Nuts.

These larger diameter wheels allow for more clearance between the wheel and the braking system to help prevent damage from debris and to eliminate drag.  The larger diameter wheel also helps to reduce tire roll in hard cornering situations and adds stability. The wheels are available in 15x8 and 15x10 with a 4+4 offset front, and 5+5 offset rear.   As with all GMZ wheels, the new 15” Casino Beadlock wheels come with a standard lifetime manufactures defect warranty. The 15x8 wheel weighs 18.25 lbs and the 15x10 wheel weighs 19.70 lbs.