Frontline ACP Tire and Wheel Kits Mounted W/Caps and Lugs

The Frontline ACP ATV UTV Tire and Wheel Kits are the next generation in tread design. Front line ACP Tires come in 28 inch for 14 inch rims and 33, 35 and 37 inch sizes for 20 inch rims. Tires are 10 Ply Rated, have aggressive shoulder lugs and a deep rim guard. Smooth Ride on Center Traction Blocks.  

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Please Specify Your Year, Make and Model ATV at Checkout and we will send the correct bolt pattern and offset. 

If you are looking for a custom kit please call our toll free number to speak to a Rep. about your custom set up needs. 

Tire Weights - 28" 36 lbs, 30" 42 lbs, 32" 46 lbs, 33" 45 lbs, 35" 52 lbs, 37" 57 lbs.