EFX MotoMTC 30 32 Inch Tire and Wheel Kits Mounted W/Caps and Lugs

The EFX MotoMTC ATV UTV Tires come in 30 and 32 inch sizes for 14, 16 and 18 Inch Rims and has performance and response on and off the trails.  6 Ply with 1.25 Inch Tread Depth.

Questions?? Call 855-533-6335 to discuss - EFXTWKIT

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Please Specify Your Year, Make and Model ATV UTV at Checkout and we will send the correct bolt pattern and offset.

If you are looking for a custom kit please call our toll free number to speak to a Rep. about your custom set up needs. 

Unique tread design and the right amount of contact patch. The EFX MotoMTC UTV Tire boasts a 6-Ply Construction with 1.25” lugs, spaced to provide a smooth ride.

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