Eagle Gen 2 Snow Plow Kits for ATV Models - 50, 54, 60 Inch Blade Size


The Eagle Generation 2 ATV Snow Plow Kits Mounts to the front of the ATV frame. Lift height up to 28 inches. Quick, easy 30 minute initial installation. No pins to line up. No more crawling under the machine for installation. Just roll machine on and lock down.


 Uses a Winch lift ONLY. Designed for Eagle Blades 60 inches or less. Made in the USA! The American Eagle Snow Plow has a five position adjustable blade angle with up to 26 1/2 degrees of angle. There are also adjustable blade pitch stops for maximum blade adjustment.  It features a solid 5/8" diameter blade positioning pin (largest in the industry). It comes with either a 12 gage blade Standard and Country (except Lite Blade which is 14 gage), hardened 3/4" thick Ductile steel square steel tubing and has a 1/4" steel construction at all critical mounting points.

Plow Kits Come with ALL Components you need to Mount it and Start Plowing! Comes With Plow Blade, Push Tube, Plow Mount. Optional Winch and Winch Mount available if your model does not already have one.

Eagle Gen 2 Plow Mounted View Eagle Plow Blade Skid
To mount the plow you simply roll the ATV into the raised plow frame, and secure it with the Quick Latch. The Quick Latch bracket system features spring loaded swing latches which allows the operator to quickly attach the plow frame to the ATV mount without tools or having to line up the mounting holes.   1/4"-thick Skid Mounting Bracket is the widest around for added strength. Height is fully adjustable. Made from Ductile Steel, the hotter it gets, the stronger it gets. Ten times more wear, on dry pavement our standard skid lasts 29 miles versus the 2.9 miles of other plow manufacturers standard skid. 3/4"-thick standard, thickest in the industry. Widest skid mount available, stronger than anything else out there.