Dragonfire RacePace BackBones Polaris RZR 800 and 800-S, 2 Seat Models

The Dragonfire RacePace BackBones for Polaris RZR 800 and RZR 800-S, 2 Seat Models, has come up with a budget minded way for you to take your UTV from run of the mill to one of a kind.

**Note - This product will NOT work without the RacePace "Smash" Rear Bumper**

Click Here for RZR 800 Rear Smash Bumpers


The new RacePace modular system allows you to build piece by piece or pay check to pay check. The “Back Bones” system will not only give you much more style but rigidity as well. This kit will tie in the top rear of your stock cage all the way back to your “Smash” rear bumper, giving you that cool trophy truck look. With the new RacePace TM modular system you can customize your “Back Bones” to be the perfect fit for you. Let her rip and give your UTV some support with “Back Bones”!

Light weight & strong steel design
Hand welded in house
CNC bent
6 bolt clam shell clamps
Attaches to “Smash” rear bumper & allows for add-on spare tire carrier