DragonFire Lock Down Seat Belt Harness Bars - Sportsman Ace


DragonFire Racing Lock Down Seat Belt Harness Bar is designed to be used for all Sportsman Ace models. The new Sportsman ACE introduced by Polaris is not only one of the most unique Side-X-Side's to date but it is sure to change the game and bring new riders into the mix. The ACE is undoubtedly a turn-key vehicle but there are definitely a few things that the DragonFire team had to address. Since the ACE is a sport and recreational based machine, we know it will be driven hard. With that being said it is in need of proper and comfortable harness restraints just like most Side-X-Side's. Although the factory roll cage has a cross bar behind the seat, it is way too high for most drivers and is not an adequate setup. The DragonFire R&D team saw where we could improve this and decided to expand our LockDown harness bar lineup to accommodate the ACE. Look the no further, this is the only way to properly mount a 4-point harness restraint in the ACE. **Harness Belts Not Included**

Hand welded in the USA
Bolt-on easy installation, no cutting or welding required
Integrated laser cut shoulder strap retainers prevent shoulder straps from sliding
Works with OEM or after market seats
Race inspired 1.5" steel tube design
Powder coated gloss black to match OEM roll cage
Fits all Sportsman ACE models
Not compatible with Polaris rear panel windshield