DragonFire Lock Down Seat Belt Harness Bars - Maverick

DragonFire Racing Lock Down Seat Belt Harness Bar is designed to be used for all Maverick 2-seat models with an OEM roll cage. Will also fit REAR row of seats on Maverick Max 4-seat models with OEM roll cage.

Not every UTV comes the ability to mount Seat Belt Harnesses. The DragonFire team has come up with the solution for these situations; our line of “LockDown” harness bars and kits allow for easy installation and quickly make a stock cage work with any combination of our harness options. Available in kit form with everything you need or just a harness bar, the DragonFire LockDown harness bar options are the only way to go when it comes to making your Can-Am Side-by-Side safe and comfortable for the road ahead!  **Harness Belts Not Included**

Harness Bar Features: Hand-welded in the USA, Designed with an adjustable slip-fit tube to fit OEM cage, Laser cut shoulder strap retainers which prevent shoulder straps from sliding, CNC milled 6-bolt cage clamps allowing for easy bolt-on installation, Race-inspired 1.5" steel tube design, Harness bar available in Black or Red powder coating finish.

*The CanAm Maverick models require a special OverRide plug when using 4 point harness restraints. The OverRide plug is available HERE. It is imperative that harness restraints are worn while using the OverRide plug*