Bridgestone S20 EVO Radial Motorcycle Tires - Hypersport

The Bridgestone S20 EVO Motorcycle Tire has improved stability and lightness without sacrificing riding comfort. Front tire is a dual compound (3LC) and uses a higher strength belt package for improved turning performance. Rear Tire is a triple compound (5LC) which improves both grip and wear life. New center rubber compound in rear tire. Rear tire features a updated belt package which enhances grip and improves the contact path. Technologies used include: Mono-Spiral Belt, Silica Rich EX, RC Polymer and Nano Pro-Tech to achieve high levels of all-around sport bike performance. H-speed rated tires have modified rubber compounds (single rubber tread compound) and carcass constructions to offer enhanced grip and handling for smaller motorcycles. Compares to: Dunlop Q3, Michelin Pilot power 3, Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2, Metzeler Sportec M-5.

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