Bridgestone RS10 Motorcycle Tires - Ultra High Performance Street

The Bridgestone RS10 Ultra High Perforamcne Sport Motorcycle Tires come in sizes to fit most High Performance Motorcycles. MotoGP development analysis used to determine the placement of new 3-D tread grooves to improve stability, grip and handling by optimizing block stiffness. Specially formulated rubber compounds front and rear offer sure grip as well as increased durability. RS10 (front) uses a Mono-Spiral Belt constructed with stiffer steel to enhance rigidity of the tread area for upgraded response and stability. New profile (rear) enables a larger contact patch for improved grip in mind to high lean angles. Rear is lighter than BT-003RS to lessen gyro effect for better handling.

Compares to: Dunlop D211, Michelin Pilot Power Super Sport, Pirelli Rossa Corsa.

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