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GPS Gravity Sand Bug Tires - 651 Rib Front and 652 Rear Paddle Tires

30 January, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

The GPS Gravity Sand Bug UTV Tires come in the 651 Front Rib Tires and 652 Rear Sand Paddle Tires come in 28 Inch Sets for $360.00 and 30 Inch Sets for $425.00 to fit most UTV Models.

Made with a Formulated Sand Compound has Triple Rip Technology and an advanced light weight carcass, comes in 28 and 30" sizes for 14 Inch Rims. Rear tire has 7/8" paddles with 13 Paddles on 28 Inch and 14 Paddles on 30 Inch. 6 Ply Rated. 

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